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What is Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is prescribed when lab results indicate that a patient’s testosterone is too low. In many cases, low testosterone may be causing a lower sex drive. In other cases, low testosterone can cause a whole host of other issues including lack of energy, general fatigue, loss of memory, and sharpness. All of these symptoms are generally referred to as “Andropause”. Increasing testosterone levels can help with all of these issues and studies have shown that it can also protect from heart disease and stroke. Testosterone can be replaced with pills, patches, injections, and lotions. Our experienced physicians generally choose to replace testosterone with natural hormone therapy using bio-identical lotions that are absorbed through the skin. Bioidentical means that the makeup of the testosterone is the same as the testosterone that your body naturally produces. When it is delivered through the skin, it generally results in daily even testosterone levels which increase overall satisfaction with the treatment. Many years ago there was a myth perpetuated that testosterone replacement therapy led to prostate cancer. Repeated studies have shown that it does not contribute to prostate cancer and in fact, replacement of testosterone in deficient patients can actually have enormous beneficial overall health effects and protect against heart disease and stroke. At the Canadian Men’s Clinic, we follow you with a very careful and comprehensive program to ensure long-term success with hormone replacement.

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